Corteco® is a member of the Freudenberg Group, the leading German OE supplier of spare parts in the world. Corteco®'s main business is the delivery of the Freudenberg-made components to the Independent Automotive Aftermarket. Corteco®’s product range includes over 26,000 products in OEM quality applicable for passenger cars, commercial heavy-duty trucks and special-purpose vehicles Corteco® supplies the following components:• Sealings (oil seals, gaskets, valve stem seals, sealing compounds);
• Vibration control components (crankshaft damper pulleys, engine mounts, gearboxes, bushings, clutches, etc.);
• Cabin air filters and engine intake air filters;
• Brake hoses;
• TransTec® steering rack repair kits and automatic gearboxes;
• Suspension and steering system components.
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