EXIDE batteries are ideal for intense operation associated with frequent engine starts in the city high traffic conditions. These batteries have a minimum self-discharge and fast charge acceptance due to enhanced adhesion of the active paste to the metal grid. Labyrinth lid technology makes the EXIDE car batteries more resistant to electrolyte leakage even in case of short-tems battery flips and turns.    

FORUM-AUTO company offers a full range of EXIDE products in the Kazakhstan market. Product line of the EXIDE lead-acid batteries includes the following models: EXIDE CLASSIC, EXIDE EXCELL, EXIDE X-TREME, EXIDE MAXXIMA, EXIDE PREMIUM.

EXIDE CLASSIC batteries are designed for cars with standard equipment and for the operation in conventional conditions. They are produced with power capacity ranging from 44 to 88 Ah.

EXIDE EXCELL batteries have low self-discharge and longer lifespan.

Their capacitive reserve is provided by the use of thicker plates. 

The plates of EXIDE EXCELL batteries are highly resistant to corrosion.

EXIDE EXCELL batteries are used in both gasoline and diesel engine cars equipped with lots of electrical devices.

EXIDE X-TREME batteries are designed for cars equipped with extra energy consuming electronics.

EXIDE MAXXIMA batteries are suitable for off-road and sport cars, diesel engine cars and special-purpose vehicles.