Since beginning of 2023 the product range of S&K brand was supplemented by batteries. Due to the use of mostly advanced innovative technolodgies in production of  S&K batteries, these batteries have the best operating performance, reliability and longer lifespan.

S&K batteries are produced in Turkey at the production facility manufacturing batteries since 1978 and exporting its products to more than 70 countries on 5 continents all over the world. The S&K batteries production plant is one of TOP-1000 Exporters of Turkey. Apart from batteries for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, the plant also produces marine batteries. Own metal and plastic factories belonged to the main production plant allow using premium quality raw materials and advanced technologies in production of S&K batteries. Raw materials and plastic products made by the plant are also supplied to other battery manufacturers.
S&K batteries can have forward or reverse polarity, and can be installed either on European, Asian or Russian vehicles.

Power capacity of S&K batteries varies from 55 to 240 Ah, that allows covering all kind of vehicles, from passenger cars with 1-1.6L engines to heavy-duty trucks and trailers with engines up to 17L.